Endometriosis affects 1.5 million people in the UK. Despite this, it remains largely unspoken about in public discourse and is often dismissed for being a “women’s issue.” People with the condition report that their experiences are not believed and they are gaslit into doubting the validity of their pain. This project aims to raise awareness of Endometriosis and allow those with the condition to feel seen, believed and heard.

We chose not to present the public with stats and facts, but instead appeal to an emotive level. The campaign deliberately avoids stereotypical gender tropes of feminine hygiene advertising as to not isolate any specific gender.
We invite the public to interact through a scannable QR code linking them to Endometriosis UK. Here they can learn about the condition. This appeals to a culture of busy working life or commuting where people can learn on the go.


Photography: Joseff Williams
Design: Joseff Williams & Sophie Francis
Words: Maggie Bowyer